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A global decentralized ecosystem providing a fully functional Blockchain platform touching all 17 SDGs

About Core Group

The Core Group has developed a software platform designed to support 21st-century communications, data management, identification, social interaction, and transactional solutions.

The Core Group has built a global, decentralized, Blockchain based, ecosystem that is immediately available but is also fully capable of evolving to cater to the world of the future.

Our platform is aligned with all 17 Sustainable Developments Goals (“SDGs”) of the United Nations which illustrates the congruence of our platform with envisaged future global societal needs.

The Core Group’s mission is to provide seamless, secure, transparent and trustworthy communication and transactional environment for both current and future generations.


One of the key requirements of digitized transactions is the ability to digitize both tangible and intangible assets. The Core Group provides a full digitization enabler for people, businesses, foundations, funds, and governmental institutions.

In terms of the Core Group’s design objectives, all our solutions are cost-effective, easy to use, immediate and secure.

The Core Group platform consists of the following components:

Core Token is a tokenizing and Smart Contract platform, enabling anything of value to be digitized in order to enter a Blockchain environment. Core Token can be used as the basis of a stable and resourceful investment platform, creating sustainable income streams for token holders. Core Token has been successfully deployed in several businesses all over the world and in a wide range of industries.

A Hybrid exchange (HEX) is the link that will unite the advantages of a centralized exchange, such as cooperation with large investors and the trust of many users with the advantages of a decentralized exchange. Ping Exchange is a hybrid-decentralized exchange with a specific focus on a user-friendly, trading platform which also provides the ability for peer-to-peer, community barter trades. Trading on the Ping Exchange platform with our broker software is exceptionally fast, once again in line with our global design objectives.

Wall Money is a Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform that extends banking outside traditional banking branches or channels. Users may transact through mobile, tablet, desktop, web and/or decentralized point-of-sale terminals. Clients have access to our full suite of seamlessly integrated FIAT currency, cryptocurrency, and digital asset platforms.

TokTokKey is a Blockchain based eCommerce platform with an immediate call to action features. The mobile and web application provides a “see-now-buy-now” ability through content recognition and product browsing, with comparisons. The system also supports a conventional eCommerce desktop application for normal online shopping, with full merchant/store management facilities. Multiple merchants can be paid instantaneously with a single transaction in the currency of their choice.

CorePay is a feature-rich software payment gateway with many use-cases. Using our solution, sellers are capable of accepting anything of value as consideration for a transaction, including FIAT currency, Cryptocurrency, and even Barter swaps. Some applications worth mentioning are in eCommerce, Point-of-sale applications, Donation remittance, general money remittance and more.

Soon to be released

Core Tube is a decentralized and free/libre alternative to video broadcasting services. A network of inter-connected small video hosters. Core Tube uses a peer-to-peer protocol (P2P) to broadcast viral videos, lowering the load of their hosts. In this way, when a video is being watched, the computer/mobile used contributes to its broadcast. If a lot of people are watching the same video at the same time, their browser automatically sends small pieces of the video to the other viewers. The server resources are not over-exploited: the stream is split, the network optimized with borderless streaming accross the whole world.

Soon to be released

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Use Cases

Core Group has various use cases based on the Core Group digitization platform. The following uses cases are either implemented or in processes of “onboarding”:

The Santiliana project is a fuel distribution network, an established successful business for more than 20 years in Romania. It operates high volume, serviced, modular micro diesel and/or gasoline filling stations. The locations are carefully selected to ensure high volume turnover of stocks in 3 to 4 days. Al operations and business sales processes, fiscal governance and administration are fully implemented on the Core Blockchain Network and the Core Token Smart Contract Platform.

Currently onboarding

Metalum is a blockchain-based metals trade ecosystem. Metalum is as a collaborative digital marketplace with analytical features linked to the metals supply chain from production processes, assaying, trade financing, warehousing, logistics, shipping, delivery etc. The P2P trading platform closes deals cost effectively and automate trusted business confirmations instantly using the secure Core Token Smart Contract Platform. The Metalum smart contract based trading platform also implemented a digital letter of credit platform allowing metals trading houses, individual traders and or other platforms to submit, in a secure blockchain based digital trade system, data and documents, creating traceable secure tradable financial instruments.

Currently onboarding

CMiners crypto mining is powered by waste energy recovered from multiple resources such as solar, hydro, wind and mechanical accumulator installations as well as waste processing installations. The technology can best be described as creating wealth from waste energy. Together with CMiners waste energy optimisation, CMiners blockchain based Grid Balancing Technology is revolutionizing the processes and affordability of Proof of Work based blockchains and crypto mining industry as a whole. The use of renewable energy as a source of electricity, not only reducing the electricity costs and grid power consumption but, it also reduces the environmental impact of crypto mining.

Currently onboarding

The Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH), a 501(c)(3) public charity was created to develop best practices regarding school-based well-being programs, provide peer-reviewed research, and bridge the resource gap preventing schools around the world from implementing research-validated programs. Utilizing the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child framework developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, GCH has implemented a school-based well-being program currently reaching 2-3 million children daily in 70+ countries. Building on this network and in cooperation with an international team of advisers, GCH has emerged as the optimal vehicle for delivering a research-based locally-focused and globally-scalable digital well-being platform to the world’s 1.9 billion K-12 children.

Brain Breaks® is a dynamic online platform designed for teachers to support Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WCWCC) and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Great for before school, during school, and after school hours, these 3-5 minute web-based games, videos, and resource links provide focused educational “shorts” to teach, raise awareness, and inspire kids to take action in creating a better world for themselves and others.

Currently onboarding

Provides a ready-made safety, health and learning solution that is currently implemented in schools, universities, community-based organizations, hospitals, recreation centers, and treatment facilities in over 70 countries. HOPSports’ programs provide opportunities for increased physical activity, nutrition, and character education as a proven strategy for student health, wellbeing and academic success.

Currently onboarding

Utilizing the Core Tube streaming and TokToKey e-commerce backends, Ting is one of the most advanced borderless and inclusive platforms to distribute content and merchandise specifically aimed for merchants and people to be able to promote their products on their individual custom channels to the entire world. This means that anyone, including excluded communities have access and opportunities to buy and sell their products.

Currently onboarding

Wallace is a humanitarian liquidity blockchain based community network. It empowers new generations with access to an accountability and impact investment measurement platform. Built on Core Blockchain and Core Mesh Technology, Wallace is a self-sustainable decentralized ecosystem with a 98% global reach, making it the only blockchain based network with access for everyone in the world to a fully inclusive digital economy. Wallace provides access to health, education, social, financial services platforms rewarding the Wallace Community with access to stable income and job opportunities regardless of your geographical position.

Currently onboarding


The Core Group service offering is built on the Core Blockchain network. The network is raising the bar with its ED448 cryptographic security and its fast, scalable and interoperable systems platform, allowing any other blockchain, side chain and permissioned chain to utilize all service offerings within the Core Group platform.

Core Coin is an open-source, public blockchain application platform featuring Smart Contract (scripting) functionality. With a decentralized network, which supports Decentralized applications (ÐApps) and supports tokens representing fiat currency, cryptocurrency, commodities, or other digitized units of value in a marketplace.

Core Coin brings financial information to the crypto World with enhanced address structures, which can simplify transferring holders of value to an intended beneficiary address.

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